Some rappers are all about entertainment. Others look for ways to make music that truly connects with the audience and leaves a lasting impression. BdotCroc is a hip-hop artist who certainly belongs to the latter. She not only is a voice for her community, but for people all over the world. From her commitment to helping mentor at-risk youth in her city, to running workshops on empowering the voices of young people, Bdot is aware of her impact and influence and is focused on using it for a greater purpose. Having mentorship and guidance in her own life has shaped her into the artist she is today, and one of her many goals is to be able to be that same inspiration for someone else.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bdot jumped to the forefront of the local hip-hop scene with her unique personality, energy, and charisma. Her music is direct and in-your-face with a flow reminiscent of hip-hop’s origins. BdotCroc always manages to captivate the audience with her razor-sharp delivery and her thought-provoking rhymes, and continuously shows that she is a true hip-hop artist.

Bdot started in her Great Grandmother’s basement battling her cousins, and since the age of 8 has been working on her craft. In 2012 Bdot became one of the youngest female artists to headline Soundset, and has since gone on to perform extensively. She has opened for artists including Dej Loaf, Dead Prez, and Gucci Mane, and in 2017 she made her debut at SXSW, where she has been a returning performer in 2018 and ‘19. Bdot has also participated in “The Fire Friday Cypher” on Sway In The Morning on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

BdotCroc prides herself on her unique approach and lyrical twists, always remarking: “nobody’s in my genre.” Ambitious, talented and hard-working, BdotCroc has what it takes to become a household name in hip-hop. Bdot’s songs are a great showcase of her unique lyrical mastery, as well as her ability to make the most out of any beat. Bdot has dropped the well-received projects “Show & Tell” and “Detour” and is currently working on new music. Her most recent release is her single “Almost Quit” which is maintaining her buzz.

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